Friday, 23 November 2012

17th birthday circus party! :D

Okay, I'm uploading this a bit late...maybe a lot late! But better late than never, eh? MY 17th BIRTHDAY PARTY WAS AMAZING!!! Never been such a happy girl! I just wanted to upload some photos to show off what we did! :D We had an entire role call of circus folk including a clown, a doll(little old me!), an acrobat, an audience member(those too lazy to dress up -_-), a lion, a tiger, a lion tamer and last but definatly not least ...a beard lady! I love everyone for going to so much effort for the night! I hope you all like the photos and maybe find them inspiring!

Games we had:
•Ring Toss
•Pin the Nose on the Clown
•Clown Ball Toss
Photo Props:
•Strong Man Head Photo Thing(technical terms :P)
•Elephant Ears
•Jars of Sweets/Chocolate
•Animal Shaped Potatoes(Tescos special)
•(Too Much) CAKE! :D

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