Saturday, 23 June 2012

Printed Fabric Flower

Hi there! Well, this is my first post on my blog! I thought it would be fitting that my first post included ribbon! But without any ribbon I used fabric strips instead :/ Running Around with Fabric Strips? Anyway,  here is my first project; Printed Fabric Flower!
So, to start this project you must take some fabric...

I have taken some cream, sheer fabric which I picked up from Dunelm for only 99p! I cut a strip which is about 1 inch thick, the size of your flower depends on the length of the strip. Try to make the strip thinner at one end and then thicker at the other, this creates a better flower shape. Don't worry about the sides being wavy or even it will add to the effect!

As it says in the title, this is going to be a printed flower. I am going to do this using a large background stamp (you can use any stamp you want!). I am using an adirondack ink pad which I knew would work on fabric, if you haven't got this brand try any ink pads to see if they will work! ;) 
I took the fabric to the ink rather than the other way to prevent waste.
I did this all the way along the strip!:)
Now start rolling! XD

Roll the thin end of the strip until it increases in width, then make a stitch in it! 

I added to my flower by making a fold in the fabric then stitching it to the centre of the flower. I did this all the way along the strip to make the flower! As you get further along the strip stitch the fold on to the centre further down... my last bit of fabric I stitch near the bottom!
Voila! We are done! :) I made three of these and used them to decorate my camera strap! XD
Thank you for reading my first post!

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