Sunday, 8 July 2012

DIY Mario Party

Oh my!  Its my second post! (I'm sure the novelty will wear off eventually) As the title suggests, today, I will be blogging about a mario Party which me and a few friends had to celebrate the end of our GCSE exams and a friends 16th birthday! We had the party about 2 weeks ago now in my field. It was a blast of a day... absolutely amazing! It was a sort off camping party, we toasted marshmallows (and starburst for our veggie friend)! We also stayed in a tent, had a camp-fire and made things with home-made play dough (That's not typical camping activity)! Maybe a tutorial on that one day ;) Time for some pictures! 

These are Bowser's and Princess Peaches Castles made by my friend Megan! They are old packaging which created really good castles! She said the Princess' Castle was too pink and Barbie-ish but I think it looks pretty damn good :)
In this photo you can see the castle again, a Happy Mario Party banner (which I do have a tutorial for), the back of mine and Megans costumes(trust me they looked better from the front :P) and our King Boo (my friend Iona) 

I will finish this post after my Duke of Edinburgh practice expedition is finished :)
Well, Im back and I have recovered from the pain and the sunburn! The Gower was absolutely beautiful and the weather was great..for people who were not walking for 3 day -_- Ahhhhh well, back to the Mario party!

So, this is the King Boo costume close up! This was made by my friend...I believe she used an exercises gym ball for the shape! :)
This picture has the back of mine and Meg's costumers again! -_- but you can also see the 'Mario Hills' and a 'Piranha Plant' which I made ;) I have a little how-to on the 'Mario Hills' ! :D 

I hope you have an idea of our Mario to admit these picture are not really showing off much but I will be uploading more posts on this Party. I will also be doing a 1920s and an Alice in Wonderland DIY party posts soon! 
Looking forward to posting again soon! 

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