Monday, 16 July 2012

DIY Mario Banner

So I have just finished of my DIY Mario Party Post and know I'm going to do a little tutorial! So this is my 'Happy Mario Party' Banner!

I started this banner with some plain white A5 pieces of card and some easy painters, which are bottles of paint with a sponge on top usually used by young children :P

These are the painters but I have removed the sponge (you will understand why when you see the rest of the tutorial) These were from woolworths but that's been gone for a pretty long time now :P I also have a set from Asda! 

I have used the sponge-less paints to put this inky looking paint onto a bit of plastic-y cardboard packaging..the paint comes out like this because I have removed the sponge. I then place a bit of the card on top of the paint! 

When you lift the paper from the paint it gives you this effect: 
The pattern changes each time you do this which means you create a really interesting banner which can be used for many occasions!
The first time we did a banner like this me and my friend Megan did it in the bottom of her bath and used it for an Alice in Wonderland Party (which I will be doing a post for)!

I regret not doing a different font for the banner :/
Will blog again soon! ;) 

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