Friday, 10 August 2012

Tenby Trip

Right, hello again! Today I'm going to write a post about a trip to Tenby I had about 3 weeks ago now! Tenby is a little tourist town in Pembrokeshire, South Wales.  I have been having holidays in Tenby since I was little but this year I took my camera, the pictures have inspired me to work on a scrapbook page! I'm kinda still working on that but I thought I would upload the pictures anyway :P

This view of Tenby shows the harbour and a few of the houses along the sea front.  You can also see an edge of the town wall which is an arch way to the back beach. I really love all the colourful houses in Temby.

This was on Tenby's front beach, i collected some shells for a project and also got the attention of this lovely seagull! :/ 

Will update with the scrapbook day! 

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