Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Shaving Foam Art!

Well, my first day of sixth form is done! 
My 11 week holiday seems to have come to an abrupt end so did a little project to cheer me up! :D 

So today I'm showing off some shaving foam art! All you need is some inks or food colour(I used my 'adapted' easy painter found in my banner tutorial), shaving foam, paper and a wipe clean working surface! :)   

 So first just flatten out the shaving foam to make it fit your paper...
then mix in the inks randomly because this is what will create the pattern on your paper :)

 Then just plonk your paper into it!

 Excuse the colour change :P
Once you've 'plonked' it into the foam to create a pattern you just need to scrap away the shaving foam..I just a packaging label ;)

 And here's the finished pattern! The colours turn pastel because it mixes with the foam creating a nice effect :)

You can also make shapes into your pattern! I chose a heart :D

So there you go! 
Post soon  :)

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